One of the main important strong points that the CIGIP maintains is its constant collaboration with Companies and Organisations in different R&D&I activities. In order to maintain these close relations, we propose the following tools:

Counselling Encounters

We offer the possibility of organising work sessions, requested by interested parties, to contribute our experience to facilitate the specific problems approach. As they intend to make the company’s reality known at a given time, they are free of charge.


Contracts to provide a given technology transfer service to one company or organisation, or to several. These are low-risk innovative activities with short-term objectives to apply the consolidated knowledge generated in research projects.

R&D projects

Activities done to generate new knowledge that are normally co-financed by public organisations with mid/long-term objectives and a high risk. Our experience reveals the need for a relationship to be established prior to the project to acquire better knowledge of the participants’ problems and cultures.


It is one of the most consolidated forms of diffusion in a university centre. The CIGIP provides an annual offer of postgraduate training and of specific training in companies. In parallel, a doctorate programme is offered, based on research lines, whose contents are based on recently conducted R&D&I works.

Such experiences allow participants the chance to incorporate innovative technology that marks the competitive difference, and establish highly beneficial relations with companies and organisations.